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Journées Cathala-Letort "CO2 Capture and Storage: from Dream to Reality"

25-26 mai 2009

Journées Cathala-Letort : "CO2 Capture and Storage: from Dream to Reality"

The main objective of Cathala-Letort Conferences is to address the main issues in the field of Technologies involved in the Process Industries.
Cathala-Letort Conferences give the opportunity to People from Academia and Industry to exchange and try to define research and potential innovation which will enable breakthroughs in terms of profitability, environmental protection and sustainability in the theme at stake.
This XIIth Cathala-Letort "CO 2 capture and storage: from dream to reality" is organised by SFGP with IFP.
It has received the EFCE (European Federation of Chemical Engineering) label.

CO 2 capture and storage (CCS) has the potential to account for 20% of global greenhouse gas reduction. A number of initiatives are underway to encourage widespread deployment. Pilot plants are being run around the world and several countries and federations are already establishing directives and regulations to guide the development of these emerging technologies.
First scale one coal power stations equipped with CCS should be in operation no later than 2015 but other industries such as steel making are also studying CCS as a solution to reduce their CO 2 emissions.

More information and registration on the website www.sfgp.asso.fr

with the patronage of Axelera / IFP / Lafarge / Rhodia

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