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Powertrain of future light-duty vehicles [POWERFUL]

17-18 juin 2014

IFP Energies nouvelles is welcoming the conference of the Powertrain of future light-duty vehicles.

The large-scale collaborative project POWERFUL was launched within the FP7 with the objective of developing SI and CI power-trains for light-duty vehicles, based on integrated technology sub-systems considering all main aspects - engine, after treatment and fuel - able to answer to challenges posed by real-world CO 2 and pollutant emissions expected beyond 2015.
To achieve the POWERFUL targets, 4 projects will be carried:

  • an advanced four-stroke SI engine concept characterized by low-cost/low emissions
  • an advanced four-stroke CI engine concept able to run also on new tailored fuels and integrating the LTC (Low Temperature Combustion) mode in the CI combustion system
  • an advanced two-stroke CI engine concept running on diesel fuel and integrating the LTHC (Low Thermal Homogeneous Combustion) mode in the CI system.

These advanced engine concepts will be accompanied by a transversal sub-project T1 taking care of the development of:

  • new simulation tools describing the strong interactions between combustion systems and engine architecture
  • means for reducing engine frictions and performing an intelligent energy management
  • PEMS (portable emissions measurement system) approach.


Scientific correspondent:
Gaetano De Paola
IFP Energies nouvelles

Conference Organization:
Bettina Caruso
IFP Energies nouvelles



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