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Journée d'études de la Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile (SIA) - "Transmissions and reduction of the CO2: what headways?"

25 mai 2011
IFP Energies nouvelles/Rueil-Malmaison

SIA - Transmissions and reduction of the CO2: what headways?

The reduction of CO 2 emissions, major concerns for the planet, represents a challenge henceforth integrated by the whole car industry, of two-wheeled up to heavy truck vehicles. The powertrains operate deep transformations to raise this new challenge and the transmissions or more generally the drivetrains are in the center of these transformations.

The transmission works as converter and adapter of energy between the need of the vehicle required by the user profile and the capacities of various energy sources that the vehicle can deliver. The transmission, in this process of torque /speed adaptation, plays a major role and becomes more and more a central supervision component for the powertrain energy optimization.

Car manufacturers and transmissions suppliers work numerous ways in order to improve performances and efficiency of the transmissions as: reducing friction losses, increasing overall ratio and the number of speed ratios, giving the automatization of the speed ratio choice always more intelligent, but also introducing new technologies for electrification of powertrains.

Besides these new environmental challenges, often supported by Politics and Regulations, the emergence of new areas of growth for the automotive markets, the appearance of new customers, new needs of mobility and the introduction of technological breaks make that the scope of transmissions have and will progress more these last years and in the near future than it did it over a century of the Automotive History.

To talk about all these subjects and for the fourth time since 2005 the Powertrain technical section of SIA is pleased to announce on the 25th of May 2011 a new study day on the following subject: Transmissions and reduction of the CO 2: What headways?

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>> http://www.sia.fr/evenement_detail_transmissions_and_reduction_of_1071.htm



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