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IFPEN proposes software, equipment and expertise to industry.
IFPEN provides an integrated approach to exploration, from stratigraphic modeling to petroleum system modeling. It also develops innovative software solutions in reservoir modeling.

The OpenFlow Suite™, an integrated software platform to:
- reduce exploration risks
- provide new production opportunities
- increase hydrocarbon recovery factor


OpenFlow Suite™ is marketed by:


  • Basin modeling: two leading software solutions for evaluating petroleum system potential and reducing exploration risks

sedimentary process modeling: DionisosFlow™

• petroleum system simulation: TemisFlow™


  • Reservoir characterization and simulation:  an integrated approach to optimize production strategy

reservoir characterization


- seismic inversion: Interwell™


- geostatistics: CobraFlow™

reservoir simulation with numerous options, including EOR: PumaFlow™

fractured reservoirs: FracaFlow™ (leader) and PumaFlow™


  • Cross-functional services

geoscience platform: workflow and data management, advanced visualization: OpenFlow™

quantification of uncertainties and optimization: CougarFlow™


JIPs : Become a sponsor !

IFPEN organizes and coordinates JIPs (Joint Industry Projects), collaborative research projects bringing together several industrial partners who jointly fund a program designed to solve a given problem.
This formula means that the financial risks can be shared upstream and the research results downstream.
This sharing makes it possible to explore avenues that lead to genuine innovations and provides the partners with a real competitive edge by giving them early access to new technologies.
IFPEN is coordinating JIPs in partnership with more than 30 national and international operating companies.

DIONISOS Organic Matter

  •  JIP Dionisos Organic-Rich Sediment  (PDF - 1.5 Mo)
      Advanced basin-scale 3D stratigraphic modeling


  •  JIP CATS 2   (PDF - 1 Mo)
      Cellular Automata for Turbidite Systems Second phase


  •  JIP PASICAM  (PDF - 760 Ko)
      Petroacoustic signature of carbonate rocks microstructure


      Enhanced Uncertainty and Optimization Methodologies


Our strengths

o  An integrated software offer from exploration to reservoir simulation

o  An open software platform OpenFlow™ providing a shared working environment and opened to third party software

o  Strong partnerships with oil & gas companies through Joint Industrial Projects (JIPs)

o Beicip-Franlab, our subsidiary to market IFPEN software solutions

o  Over 40 years of experience in the development of geoscience software


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